How do I open a pack?

Discover the hidden contents of your pack through the opening experience.

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Opening a pack is an exciting experience in which you get to discover your newly collected highlights.

Very much like the plastic or paper wrapped package of player cards we might have purchased at the corner store or collectors shop, a pack on NHL Breakaway is a bundle containing several video highlights from in the game. The contents of your pack are a surprise and unknown until the moment you open the pack and discover what lies within.

Opening Your Pack

1. Navigate to your collection by selecting My Collection from the menu in the upper right corner.

2. Click on your pack to review its description and pack breakdown. Once your ready to see what's inside, click Open Pack.

3. The pack opening is a one-time experience that we have created for you. Once your pack is opened, all the enclosed highlights will appear in your collection. If you are ready to proceed, press Got it.

4. Next, click the Open Pack button.

5. You can navigate left or right between the pucks in the pack before choosing the puck you would next like to open. Hit Reveal Highlight to see what is inside.

6. After viewing the highlight, head Back to the Carousel to open other pucks or go back to your collection.

7. All done? Once all the pucks have been opened to reveal your highlights, you can head back to your collection.

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