What are digital collectibles?

What exactly is a digital collectible and why does it matter?

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A digital collectible is similar to a physical collectible, but in digital format. To ensure each digital collectible’s uniqueness, NHL Breakaway uses blockchain technology to demonstrate ownership and authenticity.

Record of Ownership and Authenticity

Ownership and authenticity for each digital collectible is recorded on open, distributed ledgers--referred to as blockchains--where each entry on the ledger is a block of information--the most common being Ethereum, Polygon, and Tezos. Since the blockchain is completely public information, anyone can track the movement of every token and payment made - you can even track all the way back to the creation of the token. The easiest way to think of the blockchain is to imagine it as a digital ledger where the history of every thing that happens is publicly available. Every sale, purchase, gift, or even updates to tokens themselves are all readily available for anyone to peruse and verify legitimacy of everything done.

For more on digital collectibles, check out this help article in our Help Center.

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