What is a Blockchain?

To ensure each digital collectible’s uniqueness, NHL Breakaway uses blockchain technology to demonstrate ownership and authenticity.

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The underlying technology that has enabled the digital collectible and non-fungible token (NFT) revolution is the blockchain. The easiest way to think of a blockchain is to imagine it as a globally distributed digital ledger where the history of all things that happens to items linked to the ledger is recorded and publicly available.

This digital ledger allows for the authentication of digital ownership of artwork and collectibles by attaching it to a uniquely identifiable token whose existence is permanently encoded onto a blockchain. Every sale, purchase, gift, or even updates to tokens themselves are all readily available for anyone to peruse and verify legitimacy of everything done.

Since, in most cases, blockchains are completely public information, anyone can track the movement of every token and payment made - you can even track all the way back to the creation of the token.

Are my digital collectibles unique?

Every digital collectible from NHL Breakaway is unique, individually-numbered, and trackable on the public blockchain with records of authenticity. It might be unique with only one created, or it might be individually numbered and part of a limited series. Sweet creates each collectible series on the public blockchain, including the total number available. The public blockchain also stores a permanent record of who created it, and every owner.

What blockchain are these digital collectibles on?

NHL Breakaway digital collectibles will be minted on the Polygon and Ethereum public blockchains.

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