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Trading and Trades FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding trading and trades of digital collectibles on NHL Breakaway

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Introducing Trade Lounge

Who can I trade with?

You can trade with anyone in the NHL Breakaway community that is an authorized user on the platform! When you create a trade offer, it appears in the trade feed of all members who own the collectibles you are looking for and have them marked as “open for trade.” We call these “Broadcast Trades.”

How do Broadcast Trades work?

Broadcast Trades allow your trade offer to reach as many users as possible – giving you the best opportunity to complete the trade you’re looking for!

Here’s how it works:

  1. When you create a trade, keep the default setting of “Any Edition” for collectibles you’re looking for

  2. Once your trade is submitted, it will appear in the Trade Lounge for all users who hold any edition number of the collectibles you’re looking for. This could be up to hundreds of users, depending on the collectible.

  3. The first user who accepts your trade offer will close out the trade and you will receive that user’s edition number in the trade. Your trade offer will then be closed for all other users.

Can I trade for a specific edition number?

Yes! When you create a trade and select the first collectible you are looking for, there will be a dropdown that appears that is set to “Any Edition” by default (e.g. “Any Edition / 1500”). You can then change this to a specific edition number (e.g. #100 / 1500). If you do not specify the edition number, you will receive the edition number of the first user to accept your proposed trade.

Note: If you are doing an edition number-specific trade, you will only be allowed to trade for 1 collectible at a time.

I can’t find a collectible or edition number when I’m trying to create a trade. Why?

If an edition number doesn’t appear, then it is either marked as “Block Trades” from its owner, has been frozen as part of a set completion game, or the edition is not yet owned by anyone.

Only editions that are marked as “Open To Trades” by users will appear in this dropdown.

How long do trades last?

Trade offers automatically expire after 72 hours.

How many trades can I do and what is the fee?

You can have up to ten (10) active trades open at a time 🙌. This number goes up whenever you create a trade; and goes down whenever your trade is accepted, canceled by you, or passes the 72 hour trade expiration window. We are exploring ways in which users can purchase increased trade quotas.

Can I create multiple trades using the same collectible?

Yes! If you want to trade your collectible but are flexible in what you receive in return, you can create multiple trades with the same collectible. E.g.

  • Trade #1 = You own Dawson Mercer (Base), looking for Drew Doughty (Base)

  • Trade #2 = You own Dawson Mercer (Base), looking for Evgeni Malkin (Base)

Note that this will count as 2 trades towards your 10 active trades limit. Once a trade is accepted, all other open trades using the same collectible will be closed.

Can I include cash or non-NHL Breakaway collectibles in a trade?

No. Only NHL Breakaway collectibles are allowed in trades.

What’s the largest trade I can make?

You can include up to 5 of your collectibles in a single trade, and can ask for up to 5 collectibles in return.

Can I trade with a specific user?

Not at this time. The best way to do a user-specific trade is to talk to your trade partner and find out the exact edition number of the collectible you want, and then set up a trade for that specific edition number.

Can I cancel a trade I’ve created?

Yes! Go to, then click on the “SENT” tab. You will then have the option to withdraw any active trades that you have created.

Can I take back a trade that has already been completed?

No, you can not withdraw or reverse a trade that has already been accepted. All trades are final.

What happens if someone gifts a collectible before I accept their trade?

If someone gifts a collectible that was also included in a trade offer, that trade offer will be canceled and can no longer be accepted.

What if I’m not interested in trading?

All collectibles are “Open for Trade” by default, however you can set individual collectibles as not open for trading, which means you will not receive offers for these collectibles in your Trade feed.

Simply go to and click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of your collectible. You will then see a “Block Trade Offers” option.

Trading a collectible to another user transfers any rights associated with that collectible to the recipient. All trades and the use of a traded collectible are subject to the Terms of Use.

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