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Gifting FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding gifting of digital collectibles on NHL Breakaway

Updated over a week ago

What is Gifting?

Gifting is a simple, easy way to send your digital collectibles to friends & family so they can start their own collections!

  1. Go to and click on the collectible you want to gift.

  2. On the collectible page, click on “GIFT TO A FRIEND” to generate your gift link. Both a sharable redemption link and a QR code will appear.

  3. Let your friend scan the QR code, or send them the unique redemption link at the bottom of the screen.

Note that anyone who scans the QR code or visits the link will be able to claim, so we strongly advise against posting gift links publicly or generating them during live streams, unless you do not care who claims it. Gifting a collectible transfers any rights associated with that collectible to the recipient. All gifts and use of a gifted collectible by a recipient are subject to Terms of Use.

Does my recipient need to have an NHL Breakaway account already setup?

No – gift links will work for anyone, as long as they are able to create an NHL Breakaway account! If your recipient does not have an account yet, they will be guided through the onboarding process as part of their gift redemption.

Are there any limits to the number of gifts I can send?

You may generate up to 10 gift links (one per collectible) within a rolling 30 days, regardless if the gift is redeemed or not.

You must also own your collectible for at least 7 days before it can be gifted.

Are there any limits to the number of gifts I can redeem?

You may redeem up to 5 gift links within a rolling 30 days.

I generated a gift link but never sent it to anyone, what happens?

Nothing! The collectible will remain in your collection. Note that this still counts towards your 5 gift links within 30 days.

I sent a gift link to a friend but want to take it back. How do I do this?

Unfortunately there is currently no way to cancel gift links, so be certain when generating gift links and sending them to friends.

Do gift links expire?

Yes. Gift links expire after 30 days, at which point the collectible will still remain in the owner’s collection.

Can I use gifting to complete trades?

Gifting is not meant to be used as a mechanism to trade on or off the Platform. Please use our authorized Trade feature to effect trades with the NHL Breakaway community.

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