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Marketplace Royalties and Fees
Updated over a week ago

Will royalties be due from me if I resell my Digital Collectible?

Yes. Ownership of your Digital Collectible pursuant the Terms of Use gives you a license to use Content such as the artwork and media files associated with the Digital Collectible while you own it. If you sell your Digital Collectible, the accompanying transfer of the license to the associated Content may require payment of Content-related royalties, which is presented to you as the Marketplace Fee and calculated as a percentage of the sale price, not to exceed 5%. We calculate and display that royalty fee when you list your collectible for sale, and automatically collect them when executing the sale. Additionally, the smart contracts used for Digital Collectibles implement the ERC-2981 (aka the NFT Royalty Standard). This provides instructions to third-party marketplaces on how much to collect, and the blockchain address to which the royalties should be delivered for distribution to applicable creators. Applicable royalty percentages will be shown along with other details about the Digital Collectible.

In addition to the purchase price, are any other fees charged to me by Sweet when I buy a Digital Collectible?

Yes. Any applicable taxes and transaction fees will be presented and charged to you at the time of your purchase of a Digital Collectible. Sweet does not control fees that may be assessed by third-parties (such as credit card companies and payment processors) to complete transactions that you initiate on the Platform, and those fees are the sole responsibility of transacting users.

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