Signature Quests FAQs
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What are Signature Quests?

Signature Quests are a unique collectible crafting experience that recreates the passion and thrill of hunting down an autograph from your favorite player.

Signature Quests challenge you to collect, submit, freeze, and then automatically surrender (upon completion of the quest) specific digital collectibles based on the player/highlight you want autographed.

What do I need to collect to complete a Signature Quest?

There are 2 main requirements to a Signature Quest

  1. Highlight Submissions

  2. Team Freeze

Highlight Submissions

Multiple editions of the same highlight will be needed in order to craft a Signature Edition of that highlight. The number of editions needed is determined by the rarity of the highlight being crafted. Submitted highlights for crafting will be permanently surrendered by the owner, removed from their collection, and subsequently taken out of circulation but only if the quest is completed.

Team Freeze

Based on the rarity of the highlight crafted, all highlights for that tier and below for the player’s associated team will need to be frozen as part of the Team Freeze requirement.

Here is a helpful infographic on how Signature Quests work.

How many editions of each highlight do I have to submit?

The number of editions needed is determined by the rarity of the highlight being crafted, defined below:

  • Epic = 3 editions

  • Rare = 5 editions

  • Limited = 9 editions

  • Core = 15 editions

  • Fandom = 35 editions

Heroic and Legendary highlights are not eligible for Signature Quests.

Which players are available for Signature Quests?

Click here for a complete list of players eligible for Signature Quests. We will continue to update this list as more players are confirmed.

What happens to highlights that are surrendered as part of the Highlight Submission requirement?

If the quest is completed, highlights that become surrendered will be permanently de-circulated. The new signature edition will be minted after the entire quest has closed, and the edition numbers of surrendered highlights will be included in the metadata of the newly crafted Signature Edition.

Can I do multiple Signature Quests?

At launch, we will only be allowing one Signature Quest per user. This rule will continue to be evaluated as we do more Signature Quests.

How long do I have to complete a Signature Quest?

Once launched, refer to the actual Signature Quest page for deadlines. Typically, Signature Quests will be open for 3-4 weeks. This timeframe will continue to be evaluated as we do more Signature Quests.

What if new highlights are added to NHL Breakaway during a Signature Quest?

Only highlights available at the launch of a Signature Quest will be considered. New highlights added to NHL Breakaway mid-quest may not be crafted until the next Signature Quest cycle. New team highlights added to NHL Breakaway mid-quest do not need to be frozen as part of the team freeze.

When will the next Signature Quest happen?

We anticipate that Signature Quests will launch every 1-2 months, but this cadence will continue to be evaluated as we do more Signature Quests.

Can I change my player after starting my Signature Quest?

Unfortunately, no. Once you submit your first highlight in your Signature Quest, your player/highlight selection is locked and cannot be changed.

What happens if I don’t complete my Signature Quest?

If you do not complete the Signature Quest, any submitted highlights will be available in your collection as soon as the quest ends.

Any frozen highlights will unfreeze at the date specified in the quest and remain in your collection. Once unfrozen, they can be used again in a future Signature Quest.

What edition number will I receive of my Signature Highlight?

If you submit edition #1 as part of your quest completion, you will receive edition #1 of the Signature Highlight (as long as it hasn’t been minted yet). All other editions will be randomized amongst eligible collectors.

To be clear – if the #1 edition of a Signature Highlight has already been minted from a previous Signature Quest, then surrendering a #1 edition of the original highlight in a subsequent Signature Quest will NOT get you the #1 Signature Highlight.

When will I get my Signature Highlight?

Signature Highlights will be delivered to eligible collectors approximately 3-4 weeks after the Signature Quest ends.

What is the rarity, series, and set of Signature Highlights?

All Signature Highlights are Heroic rarity and inherit the Series of the original submitted highlight. There will be five new sets created in Series 1, one for each rarity, i.e.

  • Signature Epics set (Heroic), Series 1

  • Signature Rares set (Heroic), Series 1

  • Signature Limiteds set (Heroic), Series 1

  • Signature Cores set (Heroic), Series 1

  • Signature Fandoms set (Heroic), Series 1

Each new Signature <Rarity> set includes all signed highlights from that rarity. i.e.

  • Signature Epics set (Heroic), Series 1 - includes all signed highlights from Making The Mark and Cause for a Celly: ‘90s

  • Signature Rares set (Heroic), Series 1 - includes all signed highlights from Opening Ice, Opening Ice Elites, Opening Ice: 2023-24

As new Series 1 Highlights are added, their corresponding Signature Highlights will be added to the appropriate Signature <Rarity> set as they are crafted.

Do Signature Highlights have badges?

Yes. All badges of the original submitted highlight will carry over to the new Signature Highlight EXCEPT for Breakaway Debut and Series Debut badges.

What is the maximum number of editions a Signature Highlight will have?

The maximum number of editions is based on two factors:

  1. Edition size of the original highlight

  2. Number of highlights that need to be submitted for each Signature Highlight

For example, Core highlights have an edition size of #/1500 and collectors are required to submit 15 for each Signature Edition. This means that the maximum number of Signature Highlights that can be created is 1500 / 15 = 100.

However in this scenario, this would also mean that all Core highlights for this given player have been submitted, and are no longer in circulation.

Can I trade or sell my Signature Highlight once I receive it?

Signature Highlights can be resold on the NHL Breakaway marketplace, but they cannot be gifted or traded.

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