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Marketplace & Sweet Balance FAQs
Marketplace & Sweet Balance FAQs
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What is the NHL Breakaway Marketplace?

The marketplace is an area where as a collector you can conveniently buy and sell NHL Breakaway digital collectibles with other hockey fans and collectors. Through the marketplace, you can easily search and filter to find a highlight that you may need to complete a set, or simply to collect more from your favorite player or team. Miss a drop? You’ll also be able to purchase unopened packs from earlier in the season.

Is my account enabled to buy and sell in the marketplace?

Yes! All active NHL Breakaway accounts in good standing, and located in eligible territories, are able to list their collectibles for sale, as well as make purchases in the marketplace.

What can I sell in the Marketplace?

Any NHL Breakaway digital collectible you own may typically be listed for sale in the Marketplace, unless you have frozen them as part of a set completion challenge or other gamification activity.

Will I, as the seller, be charged a fee if I resell my collectible in the Marketplace?

If your collectible sells, a Marketplace Fee of 5% of the gross sale price will be charged. That Marketplace Fee will be automatically deducted at the time of sale of your collectible. For more information, refer to our Marketplace Fee FAQ. This fee is separate from transaction fees assessed to the buyer, including, for example, by third-party payment processors.

What is the lowest price I can list a collectible?

There is a $2.00 minimum list price for all collectibles eligible to be sold in the Marketplace.

How long does my listing remain active?

Your listing remains active unless you cancel the listing, freeze your collectible, or your collectible is no longer in your account (e.g. you trade it away or gift it to another user).

What happens to net proceeds after my collectible is sold?

Congrats! After your collectible sells, we will notify you via email. Net proceeds due from your sale will be deposited directly into your Account, where it will be shown as your “Sweet Balance.”

What is my Sweet Balance?

Your Sweet Balance represents USD, which is held by our payment processor, from sales by you on NHL Breakaway. You may use your Sweet Balance to buy available items listed on the Sweet Platform, including anywhere in the NHL Breakaway ecosystem. Use your Sweet Balance for both primary drops and to make other Marketplace purchases on NHL Breakaway.

How can I view my Sweet Balance?

You can view your Sweet Balance by clicking on the “Account” icon in the upper right corner of

Can I use both my Sweet Balance and a credit card to complete a single transaction?

Not yet. For now, you can use either your Sweet Balance assuming the total purchase amount (plus any applicable fees) is less than your current Sweet Balance OR your credit card. Sweet is planning to enable split payments (e.g., use both your Sweet Balance and a credit card to complete a single purchase) and will provide an update on the status of that functionality in due course this year.

Am I able to withdraw from my Sweet Balance?

The Sweet Balance withdrawal feature is enabled for most major markets including the United States, Canada, European Union, and United Kingdom. The specific method of withdrawal may vary and depends on jurisdiction and availability. Visa Debit Card, ACH, Faster Payments, SEPA, and/or Crypto withdrawals may be supported, depending on region. Note, not every method will be supported in every territory. The ability to withdraw is, at all times, subject to availability in your jurisdiction and to you successfully providing the required identification information. If withdrawals are not available, for any reason, your Sweet Balance may be used only for authorized purchases in the Marketplace.

What is Verifiable Identification or KYC?

Before withdrawing funds, you will need to successfully complete an identity verification process commonly known as a “Know Your Customer” or “KYC” procedure. This procedure is mandatory and helps reduce fraud, protect against illegal activities such as money laundering, in order to maintain a safe and secure environment for the community.

Is there a limit to my Sweet Balance?

Yes. Your Sweet Balance cannot exceed the equivalent of $2,000 unless and until you have provided the required identification information. Availability of the services may be limited until you have successfully provided such information.

Is there a limit to how much I can withdraw from my Sweet Balance?

Yes. To withdraw from your Sweet Balance, the requested amount must be at least $15.

Why do I see 'Quote updates' in the withdrawal widget?

The real-time quote ensures you receive the most accurate foreign exchange rate when withdrawing funds.

Why do I see a “Couldn't connect to your institution” error message when attempting to connect my MoonPay account to my bank via Plaid?

This issue commonly arises when the name on your MoonPay account doesn’t closely match the name on record for your bank account. To resolve this, please ensure that the name you use on your MoonPay account matches the name associated with your bank account.

I withdrew my funds from my Sweet Balance and haven’t received those funds in my bank yet.

It may take 3-5 business days for your funds to appear in your bank account after a successful withdrawal through MoonPay. Please keep in mind that transfer times are subject to your local bank's processing times. If it has been longer than this timeframe and you still do not see the funds in your bank account, please contact our support team for assistance.

As an Android user, I am prompted to complete a KYC verification check when attempting to withdraw through MoonPay.

If you are asked to complete a KYC verification check, please ensure that you enable your camera from your browser's search bar. If you encounter difficulties accessing this setting, please check your mobile device's settings or attempt to withdraw using a desktop device.

Why does it say "Coming soon. Not available yet in your region” when opening the MoonPay withdrawal widget?

If you encounter this message and reside in an approved region, please try clearing your site browser data. This typically resolves the issue by clearing caching from previous sessions.

Are there any U.S. States where transacting on the Marketplace may be limited?

Users in all 50 U.S. States can purchase packs and participate with other collectors on NHL Breakaway including collections, quests, trading, and gifting! Due to current limitations, however, the ability for residents of the State of Texas to sell a digital collectible (and hold a balance) will be disabled when the Marketplace launches and, indefinitely thereafter, until such time as a compliant solution becomes available. Sweet is working toward the implementation of such a solution and will provide an update, as well as any forthcoming activation date for the State of Texas later this year, if and when applicable.

What is a Sanctioned territory?

The U.S. government, through the Department of Treasury, imposes various economic and trade restrictions on certain countries, individuals, and entities that prohibit business with them as a matter of foreign policy and national security. Countries where the U.S. restricts business activity are sometimes referred to as “Sanctioned” countries or countries on the so-called “Sanctions List.” The U.S. sanctions program for affected countries and “Sanctions List” may change from time to time, but can be viewed here at U.S. Dept of Treasury - OFAC. As a result, Sweet does not support transactions in or out of those jurisdictions.

Are there other territories that are not fully supported?

In addition to “Sanctioned” territories where transactions are strictly prohibited by the U.S. Treasury, users resident in the below locations may not be fully supported today (and do not have access to sell on the Marketplace and hold a Sweet Balance):








Cayman Islands

Central African Republic


Cook Island

Cote D’ivoire






Hong Kong SAR, China


Lao People's Democratic Republic








Papua New Guinea


Puerto Rico



Solomon Islands


Sri Lanka


Trinidad and Tobago



Turks and Caicos Islands


Virgin Islands British

Western Sahara

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